Random Night Post #3


So, how is everything? I feel like it's been a long time since I last posted something. It's 3 am here and I have some free time, so I thought wynaut why not? I've been busy finishing my light novel, I'm halfway done, but I don't want to give a spoiler until I really finish it. I had a big help from my illustrators team, so I'll assure you this is going to be an awesome book. I'm also busy with the music club I'm joining in, been having a lot of work to do. But, I guess everything that I do now is fun, so I'm not really having a hard time.

It's also been a long time since I posted poems, I might as well get into that again. And I'll bring some more Me Do Game stuffs, because holiday is near and I have a lot of games waiting to be played. Oh, and I think my guitar skill is improving, I hope I can get some song covers going in the future. Overall, I feel like this year (month, specifically) has been productive, I'll try to not waste the effort I've spent by cancelling these plans. 

And by the way! Since a lot of people have been requesting something from me, I'm thinking I should make it easier for you all. I've added an ask box on the right side of the blog, just below the profile. You can ask me anything, or maybe you want to request a poem or anything, or if you just wanted to say hi, I'll be happy to hear them. You just have to put your name (or anonymously is fine), your email(which you can actually fill with "a@a" or something similar as long as it contains letters and "@", but importantly your message for me! So, I guess this is for tonight and I will say thank you for reading.

enifton maion,
Andri Kurniawan

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