Not a Hero Just a Lost One


Did you ever care about your fire? Did you lit them up to keep them alive? Have you ever feel of fanning the flame alone?

I have burned my face along with the ground. I screamed along with the wind. I cried along with the raindrops.

I don't want to show you the rain again... I will keep staring at your beauty even if it burns me inside. As long as you have felt the raindrop it's okay, you would not see a knight crying again.

Feel my heart it's raining hard
Feel my heart it's keeping me apart

Keep it high don't let it fall
Walked around just to climb the wall
Keep it down don't let it turn
Cause what keeps you warm can also burn

I was crying in the rain
I was screaming deep in pain
Can you reach my tears gently
Can you hear my voice slowly

I locked myself inside waiting for the only light
Across the seven seas below the ocean depth
If you were the sun, would you stay just one night?
I couldn't help but to feel alone when all the cricket left

Feel my heart it's raining hard
Feel my heart it's keeping me apart

a tear drop for you to feel,
Andri Kurniawan.

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