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Happy New Year! Yeah, I know it's late, but I was spending my new year party on the game Adventure Quest haha (this is the first time I was being a true hikikomori wkwk). I spent time with my buddies from all over the world! Makayla from Ohio, Fahad from Pakistan, Nick from Brazil, and last but not least Hells (yes, that's what I call him, not his real name lol) from Tejano Island! (He told me it was texas old's name hehe). IT WAS AWESOMELY FLIPPIN' A HELL LOT OF FUN! It's a different new year from the last one and the year before that (because I don't spend it with a girlfriend wkwk), mostly it was because I didn't spend it with my sister (yes, you, if you're reading this, we haven't seen each other for a long time! :'3) and also my bros from my favorite 3 years together! (I'm not mentioning you guys from high school, because I don't really miss you guys wkwk :P). Hope I can meet you all this year! Oh yeah, this is also the last day of my TUBES (TUGAS BESAR YANG MENYITA HIDUP) and that means I'll get some time to write stories again yeaaaay!^^ I'll post some stories in a few week, and I also will change my blog theme! (haven't done that in a looooong time). So, stay tuned everyone!

Your honesty bro,
Andri Kurniawan
Keep Looking Above!

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