Prelude to the Moon


The night silently fell asleep
Brought up a new shining moon
A pair of eyes got lost in the deep
A nocturne soul was born to swoon

It's not a graceful swan swimming in the lake
Just a lonely frog begging for the rain
Staying alive for his lunar-loving sake
He hops around while screaming in pain

From the top of a lily pad, he touches the moon
But only a reflection on the water surface
He starts singing for the rain to come soon
But his voice was swallowed up in the dead space

The frog dies with his lifetime belief
Hoping the sky would cry for a story
But he never knew that night is deaf
His breaths was spent only to worry

In his death, the rain pours harder
Only to see, a moon won't lower
With all strength left, he takes another leap
His heart was peace, as he finally leaves
a night for you are a day,
Andri Kurniawan

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