Sunflower Garden


I can finally see your face
Shining bright from a hundred miles
Skipping through our happy place
Where ladybugs and sunflowers resides

I've carried this world to your eyes
A flower garden for a girl and a boy
Obviating two lives full of lies
A piece of candy that took you to joy

Then rain pours like a swarm of dragon flies
I have lost sight of your twisted wings
Leaving your tears alone in your cries
But until today you keep on singing

Little sister, where did you go?
I can't stand looking at you anymore
Little sister, I have lost you
And all the smiles you brought me too

Little sister, do you remember?
I really do love becoming your brother
Even if our paradise was gone
My memories will never be torn

a lonely little adventurer,
Andri Kurniawan

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