Curiosity Kills the Cat


You started reading this with your own will
Only to see ending, isn't it?
Until it's over, don't give up then

Has curiosity took you over?
All you need is to read anyway
Very simple for a grownup, right?
Ever wondered why?

Why are you keep reading, I mean
After it's over, what are you hoping to find?
Still going without directions?
Thinking about stopping yet?
Enough of this nonsense?
Don't give up, you're halfway through

5 paragraphs, only 5 more paragraphs

Many have stopped this far
I salute you for keep going on
Not that it's so special
Unless you finish reading this, of course
Tell your friends about the story
Even if it's just a short message
Someone will appreciate it

Or are you feeling tired already?
For heaven's sake, just keep going on a little more

Yes, you have come so far
Overcoming all the hazards
Under 10 seconds I will tell you
Read everything again from a different view

Let's take another look
In the first letter of each line
From the top to the bottom

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