Prelude To The Sun


As red as round as a vivid dream
As sparkly as sweet as it seems
Breaths of nightmare throwing beams
An apple of life that starts to gleam

Wake up, wake up, my sleeping beauty
A kiss of lights to brighten your slumber
Every calling voices in a scrutiny
Open your eyes and hold tighter

Follow your heart and the fluorescent patterns
I'll see your smile in every steps and turns
Into a window that I open when you cry
Before your tears ran out and dry

If you take a look, I'll be there waiting
If you raise your hand, I'll feel warm again
Just fly above and start sky sailing
Under the celestial sphere where I can attain

Wake up, wake up my sleeping beauty
I was pinching your cheek over and over
Floating inside a shining entity
Hold my hand, don't go further

a night for you are a day,
Andri Kurniawan

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