Random Night Post (Love)


"You moved on too easily, it's like you were never brokenhearted yourself."

Yesterday, I found out what a friend of mine said truly was right. And tonight, I stayed awake because this thought is running in my head. Was I really that heartless? Was it because I was that ignorant? No, I don't think that was it. If I was like that, I wouldn't end up staying up on some nights, writing poems, singing songs and kept thinking about her until the day it was all over. So what was it?

"Your first true love wouldst make you realize that your first love, wasn't love at all."

I once heard a saying that goes like that, and it also did kept me thinking. Have I ever felt something like that? When I thought that she was made for me did I realize something similar to this? No, I don't know, and I wouldn't understand. Even if I did understand, there will be no words that can describe it the way it was. 

I want to feel that way, I hope to find that someone in my future life. Someone who knows all of my mistakes and weaknesses, yet still thinks I am a completely fine human being. To the 10 years later me, I hope you'll remember that today you have promised to love someone completely, and you felt delighted just by the thought of it. Anais, until the day I met you, and love you again.

enifton maion,
Andri Kurniawan

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