It Was A Homerun!


"Two strikes, one ball, and two outs. It's all coming down into this, let's see what Phoenix's number one pitcher had left in him!" The commentator's voice echoed throughout the stadium.

The first-year manager girl, Yukina, was sitting with her hands shaking, looking as fidgety as ever. In the middle of the field, standing upright with his eyes on the prize, was the second-year ace pitcher, Rikiryo Toshu. He pulled the edge of his cap down, his other hand is gripping the ball tightly. And without hesitating, he began raising his right foot to the air. Within a split-second, his hands moved like a propeller, and the ball comes dashing like a bullet shot from a caliber into the catcher's hands.

"And it was a strike-out! The Phoenix just needs another point to win this game!"

The ace pitcher leaves the field with a satisfied looks on his face. With a proud nod, he signals the batter "I leave the rest to you." He walked back into the team's bench, passing the first year manager that had been waiting for him eagerly.

"G-good job today, Rikiryo-san!" the girl finally blurted out what she was expecting all this time.

The ace pitcher gave her a big smile and a thumbs-up. He walked through her without saying anything, leaving the girl with a little disappointment. But then, he put his baseball cap on the girl's head, before continuing to walk back into the bench. The girl, left without things to say, just couldn't help but to smile.

"And it was a perfect home-run!" The commentator announced.

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