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It's been 3 years I started writing in this blog as a hobby and I never thought that so many people would give some of their time to visit and read! 3000 page views  may not sound that much, but it really does mean a lot to me. So, I humbly say thank you for everyone that keeps supporting me on writing until today.

And on this special event, I want to share a story of my life, which I rarely tell to anyone. I got into writing story when I was in high school, not long before I made this blog. Before that, I just spent my days writing poems or lyrics. At that time, I feel like writing stories takes a long time and I don't really have the thing for it. But then, under some circumstances, I have to write a short story with some of my classmates and "turning" it into a story book. And thus, I wrote a short story. I wasn't really into writing because I enjoyed writing poems more. It's like writing something precious to you in a special way that not everyone could simply understand. Or in the way I like to explain it, writing poems means telling people what you want to tell in a way that they can hardly understand. But, my view on writing stories changed when that story book I made was printed out and the whole class started reading it. I was a little surprised because a silly and also very annoying person made my story the first story in the book. But then, I understood the joy of writing a story. It's purely the happiness of the people that have given their time to read my stories that keeps me going on writing.

But there was a moment, a year ago or so, I really didn't have the motivation to write and I already have the thought to give up doing it. Before I took this engineering college scholarship, I had a serious talk with my mom. I said to her honestly that I have the passion in writing and I want to continue to a major that also includes writing as one of their subject. But, my mom told me to just take the engineering scholarship, and to just keep writing as a hobby. I somehow felt a little down, and I decided to stop writing for a while and focus on my college life. In the end, I was wrong, what your mother said is always true! Being an engineering student who also excels at language and writing is AWESOME! (sorry about that over-reacting text.) I get a lot more support and comments on what I should improve from so many new people. At that point, I even published my blog online since I got the confidence to communicate in English.

So, finally, I really have to say thank you again for supporting me. And for my very first fan even if I haven't really finished writing a book, I treasure you :') I will get more serious as writing because even if it's just a hobby, that will not be an excuse for me to limit my creativity. And to all of you, your comments means a lot for me.

I'll be there someday,
Andri Kurniawan

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