Life is a Role-play!


Soooo, I finally took this thing as a hobby. I started role-playing a few months ago when a friend of mine from abroad asked me to join. At that time, I didn't have any characters to play, so I only join the practice play where you took off as an unnamed character. BUT, IT WAS ALREADY SO FUN. Yeah, I found role-playing quite amusing, I can spend hours just to enjoy one.

And, I just finished my original character (OC) yesterday, everyone meet : Hikage Mukogawa!
"...Hello," she said, glaring at you. "Please don't notice that my creator was just lonely."
*cough* Well! If you want to know her better, just open this link here. And to anyone of you, who is still wondering what the heck role-playing is, it's a kind of story where you choose a character and play as them with your friends! If you want to read an example of an RP that I did with my group, read it here. AND IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, JUST TELL ME, WE WILL WELCOME ANY OF Y'ALL! (Sorry for that caps). Anyway, that's it for today, and stay tuned!^^

"I'm behind you..."
Andri Kurniawan

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