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Words, travel fast these days, huh? The idea of being able to communicate with people around the globe is of course fascinating. In fact, I honestly can't live without checking my phone every now and then. Checking up your phone is like the ultimate escape from awkwardness, especially in crowded places. Now, the only time I stop checking out my phone is when it ran out of power.

It's like whenever I check on my social medias (I only use Line and Instagram, btw) there's always bad news spreading like a goddamn flu on a pollen-filled spring, you get what I'm saying. Yeah, I'm tired of reading these things. Whether it's about the new creative way of doing crime, politicians who did crime (or crimes, I think politic news are only fun when someone end up going to jail, just kidding, people get accused of silly crimes all the time), about religions and stuff (calm down, I'll explain in a bit), and last not but least "How to: Be a Better Person for Dummies" posts.

I'm not gonna talk about the crimes, while these kinds of events don't affect your personal life a bit, talking about them online is like helping spread the mentioned way of doing crime. Of course they only meant to warn people about their views as a victim, but sometimes the way they tell their stories only worsen the situation, you know? But, I'm not gonna talk about crimes.

Politics is the new up and coming topic for young adults, it's like when you don't know about someone doing the something to somebody somewhere somewhen you HAVE to know. It's not that politics is bad, it just helps when you stay quiet about the politics that don't happen in your land. Let me make this clearer, the election of a goddamn mayor or governor or whatever on a city where YOU DON'T LIVE doesn't fricking affect you. That's all.

Talking about religions is good, discussing them online without the guidance of an expert is bad. There's a lot, like A LOT, of information on what you should and shouldn't do based on your religion. Sometimes, it reminds you to get back to the right way, sometimes it messes with your head because you don't understand and took the info the wrong way. I'm tired of hearing "all religions are based of peace", because of course they are, it's the people who are mostly not.

Last, but not least, self improvement posts. I don't even get why this is a thing. You want to be a better person? Listen to your mother, dummy. "But, what about the people who doesn't have the chance to be loved by their mother?" Well yeah, that's a good excuse to be a douchebag. Listen to people who actually cares about you, instead of doing "self-improvements" which will only make you feel like you're the weird one and you HAVE to be a better person. Because, 9 out of 10 times, you won't change anyway. 

So, instead of reading things on your own, it's better to ask someone close to you about this personal things. Sharing your views is not bad, just remember there's always a good way and a bad way of doing things. And for the people who cares about you, please stop playing your phone while you chat with them, or worse, eat with them. Setting the health talk aside, eating with your right hand while your left hand holding the phone is damn rude, man. Well, that was kinda long... Carry on, besties.

enifton maion,
Andri Kurniawan

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