Let Go of The World You Know


This is the end, for a new beginning.

I wasted my whole life looking for something, something that I should have known was imaginary. I wasted my time looking for perfection, deep inside me and in this pitiful world. There's no such thing is a life anymore, I lose faith and chose to just dream. But humans can go wrong, I can't step back, I regret ever taking a path to believe in beautiful things.

Dreaming is never a bad thing to do, but some things are made not to be touched. Maybe I can run away while I can, but I will not run away anymore. To conquer the mind I alone created, I must face my fears and go through all these things from the start again. 

This is a step to leave a place where I used to be, this is a step to change my way and not to turn back, this is a step to keep going and show that I can.

I let go of the world I know, because everything will change even if they don't want to. Dead leaves turns over unwilling to fall, nothing is forever. There's only pain, tears, hate, lies, and fears hidden deep inside. Every soul will not stop protecting them, whatever happens, with a smile.

I'll wait for that world to come. A world where we live inside a dream, thus we don't need to have any other person to survive. A world where nobody is going to be hurt, be lied to, murdered, and forced to live the life they don't want to live. This is the last thing I believed in.

a day that has been over,
Andri Kurniawan

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