Random Night Post (Feebleness)



It's ya boi back with another random night post because I feel shit in writing recently. On to more of a serious matter, I've finally started to upload stuff to my soundcloud after extensive years of research (yeah like we haven't noticed). For now, it's mostly (by mostly I meant all of it) covers of 2hu songs. Don't ask me what 2hu is, just... try to listen to the music... and tell me if you enjoyed it... or not.

Anyway, I don't know if a part of my mind was just late to catch on or I'm just a big doof, but I've been astonished of the fact that I'm just realizing how easy it is to lose everything. Literally everything. I'm not even kidding, sometimes it seems like a joke when you try to remember how you basically didn't do anything and everything just got taken away from you. But, I guess that's life, people come and go. Though I'm lately trying hard not to do the letting go part. I don't know if I'm just so easy to let go or that I am just as toxic as any competitive online games' community, but if I ever get the chance to ask for a wish from a genie, it'd be to solve my abandonment issues. Again, not kidding, I think there's something seriously wrong with me. (Kinda late to catch on, arentcha?.)

I seriously don't get why I got this far in life, on being alive and doing stuff, I mean. But, if there's one thing that kept me going, it's the sole purpose to find reasons. If you say you don't need any reason to do something, well, you're right on that. I do stupid things without any reason all the time. Though I don't think life is one of those stupid things (or is it?), I mean they just sent you here and have a bunch of these things to do just to make a reaction video out of it and put it on youtube? That's one possibility, but of course life would have some sort of meaning. (Wasn't sending hints there, afterlife).

That's been a blob of random nonsense spouted out, hope you been livin' the good life. Though I'm sure if you read my random posts this far that means there's something seriously wrong with you too. Seriously, get some help. It's been fun composing music and using the said music to accompany you writing, so that's what I'm gonna do for now. Carry on, besties.

P.S. Ever heard of King Midas? Imagine an alternate universe where everyone he touch turns to gold, but instead as in where everyone turns to live their fullest potential and become the best persons they can be. That'd be a sicknasty power.

enifton maion,
Andri Kurniawan

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