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Howdy! It's saturday again finally!
Today I brought you a simulation RPG I found not too challenging but ultimately fun! And it's called Infinity 3! It's an indie game made by a guy called Nick!

Not so much for a title screen, though.

Yes, it's the third game of the Infinity RPG sequels. I played the second game and I thought it was more fun than this, the third one. But since a lot more people love RPG Maker XV Ace than me, who loves RPG Maker XP, I'll review the 3rd one since it uses the XV Ace. Don't worry, the objective is still the same, just do what you want to do.

A little epic introduction screen.

You'll start off as a guy named Solo, but you can change it later. (Spoiler : I changed mine into Han Solo). And you'll be sent into TOwn of Leonardo, a town where a descendant of Leonardo de Caprio da Vinci lives. You'll still be given quests and stuffs, but it's your choice how you will handle it. Yes, each answer leads to another different endings.

This is literally the first option you'll find in the game, believe me.

Blue gems means main quests, green means side quests, while red means other features.

The graphics is none special, so does the battle scene, a typical VX Ace game. But I give some credits for the story-writing and the musics, they worked hard on those things. But it's really the choice to become a good guy or a bad guy that brings interests to this game. 

Battle scene, nothing special. Just some old good turn-based RPG.
You can tell that I am a good guy.

Oh and this game is quite unique too! You can NPC! It's a feature we usually given on MMORPGs, but this time on an offline game? I don't really know what to say this, but I guess it's cool to have another member for your party. Oh and, there is a serious problem in here.

Take me out, RPG style.
The last advice, ruins it.

There are really more things to find in this game, but I didn't want to give too many spoilers like always. Oh, and the map are sooooo big! This game will lead to a rather long playing hours.

Have I told you that you can fly in this game?

And that's all from me, folks! If you wanted to try this game just go to and if you liked it, try the first and the second one too!

*gets into the zeppelin*
Andri Kurniawan

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