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I got my hands on a cool freeware game. It's a simulation and educational game, which means any age can enjoy! It's a game titled WolfQuest, where you will be placed as a dispersal wolf who is trying to survive and pass on your genes (you know what I mean). The wolf are fully customizable! Male or female, the fur color and darkness and the traits which is power, stamina, and speed are yours to choose! Oh and also your wolf name.

 Catch a glance of my awesomeness, yeah that's me.

This game features on some cool and awesome wolf things. You can leap like a real wolf (the only thing it's good for is to jump past fences though), you can howl like a real wolf, you can bite like a real wolf, and you can even WAG TAIL LIKE A REAL WOLF. You can also sleep to regain stamina, and there is a mode called scent view where you can track everything using your smelling ability.

Tracking a coyote using scent view.
The first stage of the game takes place on a map called Amethyst Mountain (it's a real place, google it). Here, you'll learn how to hunt and find a mate (yeay!) for the first time, because you are a 2 year old dispersal wolf. Shortly, the first mission is find a mate quickly and survive until the moment. You have to hunt elks for food, and try to search for another dispersal wolf who is in opposite sex of course. I suggest you to fight some coyotes and another wolves to gain experience for the next stage! You can hunt for hares if you're not feeling well, hares are easier to catch. And watch out for grizzly bears, you're still no match for 'em.

This is a group of food elks, a family of deer.

 A dead elk, a wolf's main course.

Pipsqueak coyotes are no match for you!

 Meet another wolves, it's always about fight or flee! (and mate in some cases).

 Hares are yummy snacks.

 Grizzly bears are EVIL.
You'll finish your first mission when you find a dispersal wolf of opposite sex and successfully pursued them to create a pack. Oh, a pack is a family of wolves, I know this because I watch Natgeo Wild everyday. It might take sometime to find another dispersal wolf, because the area is also inhabited by another kinds of wolves.

Wolves are honest and straight-to-the-point creatures.


 Together we'll rule the world~

On the second stage, which takes place on Slough Creeks, you'll have to successfully start a pack. First, you have to find a good den, which is far from competition and close to hunting grounds. Then, you'll have pee mark your territory by peeing excreting urine on the land you claimed yours to ward off other wolves. Oh, and howling does help a little much. Next, you'll have to take care of your pups. You will have to feed them, carry them back to the den if they wander off somewhere, and protect them from possible enemies. Watch out for coyotes, other wolves, and grizzly bears. Especially grizzly bears because I lost my first pup to those furry scumbags. :( Oh, and of course you can chase off a bear now because now you're not alone. You can only chase them off though, it needs some pack to take down a bear.

 Home sweet home..and pups! You can name your pups too!

I think that's all there is to it to know. There are other secrets you must find out on your own though, I don't want to give too much spoiler. If you love wolf and always dreamed to be one, this is your game! And here's some tips!

Fight every wolf you meet on your way, it'll help you gain experience. Be careful for druid wolves though, they are strong.
Stop searching if it's raining, your scent view will not work in rain.

And finally, search for a good mate. Mine's a good hunter, ain't she?

Thank you for reading and let me know if you want to multiplayer with me! Be careful though, I'm a real wolf inside. Oh, you can find the game on and catch y'all later!

Andri Kurniawan

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