Random Night Post (Happiness)


I think the most heartbreaking experiences make the best stories to tell. A protagonist that accepts his life despite not having any good endings to his story is always a cool character to be found. It seems like they're just living on with what they already have, and all of us should learn from that. Because someone else can be happier, even with less than what you had. So, never ever have a thought that you had the most miserable life in this planet. Smile, show how you have become wiser along with the time you spent alive. Everybody deserves it.

I always tried my best to be grateful with what I already had, but I can't help to feel jealous if I saw someone living with some better things than me. But, tonight I again learn that life is equally unfair. I learnt that the words "with great power, comes great electricity bill responsibility" was completely true. And humans, not depending to if they do have the same way of thinking or not, grew a different point of view to life according to their environment. So, if you are feeling down, just remember this. You are an awesome person because you have successfully adapted to the changes around you. Life can't beat you, only time would be able to.

Now, I actually wanted to write a confession. Every single of my closest friends always thought that I'm a cold person. They always said that I looked so ignorant, that I will not give a care at all. About that, I think it's true, I'm a bit introverted and I can't help but to feel insecure around people. But, if you actually spoke to me and try to build up a conversation, I make sure that I'll open up to you and help you. I have a lot of time to think, and I literally think about everything. Because, introverts would never be afraid to be alone, but they still wouldn't wanna be lonely.

There goes my random night post! It's actually just me writing what I was thinking and where it leads to hehe^^ Hope that what I share give you a new point of view! And to those also heavy-thinker, don't be afraid to make decisions. The good ones will make you feel better and the bad ones will make you try harder. Oh, and before I leave, the new songs I set are One More Time, One More Chance from the 5 Centimeters per Second short (If you haven't watch it, watch it now!) which is a song I found stuck in my head lately and Rain by SID also Plant Life by Owl City which both are from my everlasting favorites! So, that's it! Live on, besties!

enifton maion,
Andri Kurniawan 

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