Hello, Saturn's Ring


I turned the lights off, turned off the TV, pulled my blanket up until it covers my neck and warms my breath. I sleep on my bolster and hug my pillow. Man, I wish I had that Sonic doll, it would be freaking awesome. I close my eyes...feels even darker than the real world, but it sure is peaceful deep in here. Yes, this is the story about a boy that is in love with dreams and he is over-excited until he can't fall asleep.

I stood up again, drank a glass of chocolate milk, getting ready for my blast-off. I put my headphone on, a helmet of unlimited supply of air. And once again, drew my blanket, but this time, it reached my nose, as I enter my spacecraft for a journey to the moon. When dreaming is the best way for you to fall asleep.

Visitor For Angels
I dream of being an astronaut
Thunder clouds brings me to outer space
I shoot the stars and meteors out
Angels are waiting for me outside the glass

Ride the satellites across the milky way
Row my boats through the galaxy
Say hello to the fairies that fly along way
Dive the universe and feel the fantasy

Strap your space helmet on
We won't need jet packs to fly
Gravity won't pull you down
So float away to the sky

Here I am above the atmosphere
Where angels and astronauts met
Beautiful things you can't find anywhere
Sparks of stars, asteroids, and comets

Dreams never ends when we sleep
So let the spacecraft take you
Dissolve in the water deep
Of the moon ocean blue

a ceiling-prayer,
Andri Kurniawan.

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