The New Embers


In the late midnight your flame rebirth, warmer and brighter than ever. I keep waiting for you waiting for me to get there in time. But I keep watching you afar, waiting for you to fall asleep, arrive there to wake you up just to say "Congratulation for growing a day older" and still appear and vanish like a part of a dream that you will forget when you woke up.

I will live like a plant to seek the sun in the day, and I will leave like an owl to the dreams realm in the night time. I keep praying while staring at the ceiling until the dawn came to kiss me good morning. I keep on writing things I wanted to show you, about the forgiving rain and the joyful rainbow. I will regret waking up from my consciousness, but I had a millions of sorry ready for you, flame princess.
I fell in love with the way you keep the embers, even though they are new we wouldn't let it die, would we? Live is never a promised story, earth is never a promised land, sun is never a promised friend. But if everything has been written down, why worry? I will still be a knight that swore for your name and you will still be a princess waiting to be saved.
"Happy birthday" came in a different way. "I am sorry please forgive me" came in a different story.

a story dreaming to be heard,
Andri Kurniawan.

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